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Hi, What data task can I help you with? Paste a table from your spreadsheet below (max 10K) or as a CSV file (max 16MB).

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Get AI to Analyse Your Data and Draw Your Charts & Graphs

Worpra makes data tasks super simple by taking your written instruction in plain language and applying it to your data. There is no looking for functions in a spreadsheet program. You don't have to be a data wiz to get results from numbers. Even if you are a data person, a lot of tasks can be done quicker with Worpra.

This is Worpra Version 2 which is a major upgrade. Instead of ChatGPT managing your data tasks directly, it now controls programs that do the data tasks and visualizations via an agent. This means much larger data sets can be handled. The application still suffers badly handling logic so unfortunately I have to say it is not very robust. OpenAI is working on making its models better in this area so things will only get better. I hope you enjoy playing with Worpra which is a glimpse into the near future of data analytics and other agent driven assistants.

Worpra AI is a new way to get data jobs done with the following benefits:

This tool lets you make nice charts and graphs that will impress your boss, or to include in presentations. So, whether you are a data person in accountancy, marketing, banking… or you simply want to sort out your spending, then try Worpra. It's free!

Tips for Analysing Data with Worpra AI

The best way to explain something is usually with an example. To talk with your data, you need a spreadsheet table. You can upload your table saved as a CSV file up to 16 MB (pretty big) or paste the table from a spreadsheet into the form up to 10 KB.

Worpra Example

Hi, What data task can I help you with? Paste a table from your spreadsheet below (max 10K) or upload your table as a CSV file (max 16MB).

Ice CreamFavorite Flavor (%)

Next, tell Worpra what you want to do with your data. In the example below, I want the AI to draw a doughnut chart based on the simple table above.

Thank you. Now tell me what you want to do with this data.

Draw a doughnut chart.

All good! The AI produced a nice doughnut chart. Just be aware, sometimes the AI gets things wrong, even simple calculations. When it makes mistakes, they are usually very noticeable, so just sanity check the responses as you go. It is a computer but it can make mistakes just like people! Ask it to correct and it will.

Doughnut Chart

Now make this a pie chart with segments matching colors chocolate, strawberry and vanila.

If your requests are not very specific, you may get output that isn't quite what you were looking for. Simply ask Worpra to make changes to get just what you want.

Pie Chart

Reorder the table with Favorite Flavors low to high.

You can make new tables of data from your original data by just asking in natural language. The data manipulation is quite powerful with the pandas and numpy libraries available.

Ice CreamFavorite Flavor (%)

Which flavor would a dog like best?

The underlying ChatGPT engine allows you to ask just about anything and get a response.

I'm sorry, but there is no information in the dataframe about what flavors dogs like. However, some common dog-friendly flavors include peanut butter, pumpkin, and chicken.

When you are done with asking questions about a particular table you can refresh the page to start again with a new table. Good job!


How does Worpra AI work?

Worpra uses OpenAI's ChatGPT (gpt-3.5-turbo model) for its communications. LangChain is the framework which lets an agent determine how to use various Python libraries to answer your data questions. Essentially ChatGPT is the intelligence operating other software to do your data manipulation for you. Worpra is using a general agent rather than LangChain's specific data agent so as to include memory of previous questions and potentially many data tools. Unfortunately, ChatGPT is straining under the logic it is being asked to handle here but OpenAI is working on improving this.

Is Worpra suitable for non-data experts?

Yes, if you don't know a lot about data manipulation, analysis, and visualization then Worpra has your back. You can tell Worpra what you want to do with your data, or find from your data, just by talking to it. Of course, Worpra is a great extra tool for data experts too.

Can Worpra handle large data sets?

The pasted data input is cut off at 10,000 characters but Worpra can take CSV files up to 16 MB which is a big table. If your data is bigger than this your task would need to be broken into bite size chunks.

How should I talk with an AI for best results?

  1. Be clear and concise: Use simple, straightforward language to communicate your questions or requests. Avoid jargon, slang, or ambiguous phrases that could be misinterpreted by the AI.
  2. Provide context: If your query or request is related to a specific topic or situation, make sure to provide the necessary background information. This will help the AI understand your request and provide a more accurate response.
  3. Ask one question at a time: Avoid asking multiple questions or providing complex requests in a single sentence. Break down your queries into smaller parts and address each one separately.
  4. Be specific: Try to be as precise as possible with your questions or requests. Provide relevant details, such as dates, locations, or names, to help the AI understand your query better.
  5. Use proper grammar and punctuation: While AI models are designed to understand natural language, using correct grammar and punctuation can help improve the accuracy of the AI's responses.
  6. Rephrase if necessary: If the AI doesn't seem to understand your question or request, try rephrasing it using different words or providing additional context.
  7. Be patient and flexible: AI models are constantly learning and evolving, but they may not always provide the perfect answer or solution. Be prepared to do some additional research or ask for clarification if needed.
  8. Be aware of limitations: Keep in mind that AI models have limitations, including a lack of understanding of recent events or information not present in their training data. Make sure to verify any critical information provided by the AI.
  9. Maintain privacy: When discussing sensitive or personal information, be cautious about sharing too much with an AI, as data privacy and security are important concerns.

What kind of charts and graphs can I create with Worpra?

There are quite a few chart types which matplotlib and numpy can make. They can make line graphs, dual line graphs, bar charts, bubble charts, doughnut and pie charts, scatter charts and mixed chart types. So let your creativity run.

If your chart needs amending in any way, like colors or labelling, just ask Worpra to make your adjustments. Then, use right click, hold finger, or a snipping tool to grab your chart.

Can Worpra AI suggest insights from my data?

Yes, just ask it for insights. Worpra may reveal things about your data you wouldn't have thought of.

What industries or job roles can benefit from using AI with data?

These are just a few examples, as data analysis skills are increasingly in demand across a wide range of industries and job roles.

  1. Accounting: Accountants, auditors, and tax professionals use data to analyze financial records, ensure compliance and provide financial insights for businesses and individuals.
  2. Marketing and Advertising: Market researchers, data analysts, digital marketers, and SEO specialists analyze consumer data to optimize marketing campaigns, improve targeting, and measure campaign effectiveness.
  3. Technology and Software Development: Data engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and software developers often work with large datasets to build and improve software products and algorithms.
  4. Finance and Banking: Financial analysts, quantitative analysts, risk analysts, and portfolio managers use data to make informed decisions about investments, risk management, and financial performance.
  5. Healthcare: Epidemiologists, health informaticists, medical researchers, and biostatisticians work with patient data to analyze trends, discover correlations, and develop new treatments or interventions.
  6. E-commerce and Retail: Pricing analysts, inventory analysts, and supply chain analysts use data to optimize pricing, inventory management, and logistics to improve efficiency and customer experience.
  7. Telecommunications: Network analysts, data analysts, and operations research analysts work with data to optimize network performance, monitor usage, and improve customer service.
  8. Energy and Utilities: Energy analysts, environmental scientists, and resource planners use data to optimize energy production, manage resources, and monitor environmental impact.
  9. Government and Public Sector: Policy analysts, statisticians, and researchers use data to inform public policy decisions, assess program effectiveness, and allocate resources.
  10. Academia and Research: Researchers, professors, and data analysts use data to test hypotheses, validate theories, and drive scientific discovery in various disciplines.
  11. Human Resources: HR analysts, workforce planners, and compensation analysts work with data to optimize workforce management, talent acquisition, and employee engagement.

You may just want help with your personal finances.

Is Worpra a free service?

Yes, Worpra will be funded by advertising shortly.

Is Worpra available on mobile devices?

The nature of data usually means more screen area is better. Worpra works perfectly as a mobile website though and you can use 'Add to Home Screen' to make it a web app. Worpra's' progressive web app (PWA) has its own folder here.

What languages does Worpra support?

You may already be getting your browser to translate Worpra into your preferred language. The AI will understand English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many more languages.

Who is Worpra?

I am Worpra. That is, I am Gordon living in the UK and I am a real person with a LinkedIn profile. I enjoy making websites using the latest technologies to make people's lives easier and better. My other main project is ollo.com which uses AI to give people help and encouragement in achieving their goals.

With Worpra I want to bring data skills to people who thought they could not do this and provide a different and sometimes better tool to data experts to get work done. I saw that people don't think of generative AI as something you would use in the field of data. For so many tasks I realized it could both do the tasks and be your supportive assistant all in one. Hence Worpra, your data friend!

What is your business model?

Worpra will be advertising funded. It costs a significant amount to use OpenAI's AI to power Worpra so this is necessary. Even advertising would not cover the cost of using the latest GPT4 AI from OpenAI. I may have a subscription service or usage credits if people want to use this. It would be more intelligent and support control of more tools. Let me know in the form at the bottom if you could be interested in this service.

What is your security and privacy?

In brief, the data you post to Worpra is passed directly to OpenAI and not stored on Worpra. OpenAI is run on Microsoft Azure which has a good reputation for security. Millions of people are trusting OpenAI with information. Their terms say they keep requests to their service for 30 days before deleting. The information passed to them through their API, like Worpra uses, is not used to train their AI in any way, so it should never appear anywhere. Worpra currently doesn't set cookies, or have 3rd-party cookies although may in the future.

What are the main differences between Worpra and traditional spreadsheet programs?

There are many differences between Worpra and a spreadsheet:

Worpra Spreadsheet
Having a conversation about your data. Finding functions to do things with your data.
Ask the AI to use its knowledge of how to do things. Ask Google how to get the spreadsheet to do things.
Let the AI uncover insights. Spot the insights for yourself.
All types of data manipulation, analysis and visualization available in one stop shop. Finite set of functionality then it is find another tool to get the job done.
Limited to small data sets at the moment. Handles largish data sets.
Can make mistakes so needs to be watched! Dependable goto tool. Sometimes human error. :)

If you have any questions, just send me a message below. I am pretty responsive and love getting your feedback and suggestions. I hope you enjoy using Worpra and bookmark it as a useful tool. I would be delighted if you tell your friends about Worpra too!